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Kindness Animal Hospital is a BBB Accredited Animal Hospital in Tulsa, OK

New Client Information

We always welcome new clients to our clinic. We know you may have many choices when it comes to choosing a health care provider for your pet, so we appreciate you taking the time to look at our site. Here is some information you may find helpful regarding our clinic and your first visit. It is a lot of information, but hopefully you will never fault us for not being thorough enough.

  • We understand that medical care is expensive and know that many folks could not afford care for themselves let alone their pets, if they did not have insurance, however, if you are looking for a "CHEAP" veterinarian, we will not make that claim. We will provide the highest level of care for your pet at an affordable price. We will provide you with an estimate prior to services being rendered and you can choose whether to proceed or not. If finances prohibit you from selecting the treatment plan the doctor presents to you, please advise us as we have low to no cost financing options available. In some instances, the doctor may be able to offer an alternate treatment plan as well.
  • We do not attempt to "sell" medical services based on monthly quotas. We are a locally owned family clinic, not a corporation or conglomerate.
  • We employ two compassionate, skilled and caring doctors. Continuity of care is as important to us as it is to you. We will make every attempt to schedule you with the same doctor for all visits. If you wish to see a different doctor, please let us know at the time you schedule your appointment.
  • Our appointments are scheduled based on your concerns. All new clients will be scheduled for one hour. If one hour is not needed, that's fine We will do a thorough exam on your pet and take the time to answer any questions you may have. We will not schedule ten or fifteen minute appointments for your pet unless it is a brief recheck for something we have already addressed. Sick pets may be scheduled for longer than one hour. We understand life happens, so if you are unable to make your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to allow another pet in need to be seen.
  • We do have a new client form for you to fill out upon arrival but we do not require that you be here early to fill it out unless you wish.
  • Our doctor's assistant's will always come in prior to seeing the doctor to take your pets temperature, pulse, respiration and medical history. If this is a concern that has been treated elsewhere, it is always helpful to have a copy of the medical records before the visit as it allows the doctor to review the history. We can obtain those for you with your permission. The doctor's assistant will gather a history regarding the concerns we are seeing your pet for. We try to keep this to 10 minutes or less as to allow you and your pet the most time with the doctor as possible, after all, that is who you are coming to see.
  • We believe less is more when it comes to restraining pets. We will NOT use a muzzle on your pet unless absolutely necessary and you or the doctor has authorized it. If you know in advance that your pet will be uncomfortable around strangers, please let us know and we will do everything possible to make it as pleasant a visit as possible for you and your pet.
  • We like to "make friends" with our new patients so sometimes this requires "treats". If your pet has a food allergy, please let us know. We feature US made chicken jerky and Science Diet products as our treats of choice.
  • Most pets are loving and attentive at home, but put them in a new environment with strangers and they may get uncomfortable. For this reason, we need to know the rabies vaccine status of all pets coming into our clinic, even if they are overdue. An overdue pet we will use extra precaution on if necessary as a vaccination given at the time of visit is not protective immediately. Unfortunately, if a pet with an overdue rabies vaccine were to bite, we would have to report it as well as quarantine the pet. A typical quarantine lasts for 10 days and would be at the owners expense. We accept titers as proof of protection. This requirement is for their safety as well as ours. We understand no pet would like to stay here unnecessarily for 10 days.
  • We treat all emergencies as a priority. An emergency is considered: profuse blood loss, not breathing, paralysis, euthanasia for medical reasons, toxin ingestion and any pet that has been hit by a car, etc.
  • The decision to put a pet to sleep is a difficult one. If your pet has never been to our clinic and he or she is coming in for such, the doctor will do a consult or exam to determine the medical necessity of the euthanasia. We do not offer convenience euthanasia.
  • We strive to keep a modern practice. We feature in-house labs, a full pharmacy, digital X-ray and state of the art surgical and dental equipment. We are continually adjusting our pharmacy to provide the easiest to administer and cost effective medications for your pet. If your pet is difficult to medicate, please let us know. We have partnered with two compounding pharmacies that can provide an alternative medication for the difficult to pill pets. Many times a trans dermal gel (applied directly to the inside of the ear flap) or a medication compounded with your pets favorite flavors can be achieved for a better pilling experience.
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