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Kindness Animal Hospital is a BBB Accredited Animal Hospital in Tulsa, OK

Wellness Care

Our pets often have issues that we are unaware of because they can’t tell us that something is bothering them. They also age more rapidly than we do due to their shorter life spans. And some diseases do not cause obvious symptoms until the disease has progressed to a serious stage. By detecting problems early we can often provide your pet with a longer, healthier and happier life. For these reasons we are big believers in complete and thorough physical examinations every six months and regular screening tests. We also provide counseling on nutrition, behavior and home grooming programs so we can help you prevent problems before they begin.<


Vaccinating our pets is just one small part of keeping them healthy, but it is very important. It is especially critical when they are young and their immune systems are not fully functioning. We use the safest vaccines available and individualize our vaccine recommendations for each pet’s particular needs. Read more about how vaccines work and why they are important in the Pet Topics pages.

In-house laboratory

A thorough examination can reveal much about your pet’s state of health. However, lab tests play a vital role in helping us determine how well their organs are functioning or if they have parasites or an infection. Some veterinary clinics rely on outside labs to do diagnostic testing for your pet. This can results in delays. At Kindness we have an extensive in-house laboratory so we can get answers within minutes. That means we can make a diagnosis faster and, most importantly, begin proper treatment more quickly.

Digital radiography

Radiographs, or x-rays, can help us diagnose many health issues. Digital radiography has many advantages over regular radiography machines. We can obtain images much faster, which means less time spent on the x-ray table for your pet. With digital radiography there are no chemicals used in processing the pictures, which is healthier for the environment. Most important is that the image quality is far superior to regular x-rays, allowing us to see more and make more accurate diagnoses. And, at the touch of a button, we can instantly transmit your pet’s images to a specialist for expert interpretation.

Ultra Sound

We have the SonixOne Diagnostic Ultrasound system with Oncura Partners. It is a very detailed and high resolution machine with color Doppler and SonixShine needle visualization to safely obtain guided biopsies.  Best of all we get real-time assistance in obtaining diagnostic images.  Dr. Hurst and Cathi have both been certified to obtain abdominal images and echocardiograph. 

Results are usually available same day or next day.  

Pet Dentistry-Dental Cleanings and Treatment

Good dental health means more than having better breath. Untreated dental disease can lead to serious heart, kidney or liver disease. Painful teeth and gums can make eating difficult for your pet, and constantly battling a chronic infection in the oral cavity can overtax both your pet and their immune system. Inspection of the teeth and gums is part of every examination at Kindness. Our thorough dental exams can uncover early stage as well as advanced staged periodontal disease. We can also perform routine cleanings as well as treat more serious dental conditions. See more about oral health in the Pet Topics section.


In addition to performing spays and neuters, we also perform tumor removals, bladder stone removals, anterior cruciate ligament rupture repair and many other procedures. All surgeries include pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure your pets internal organs will tolerate anesthesia and surgery, intravenous fluids to help minimize the chance of problems during the procedure, and pain medications both before and after the procedure.

Baths, Brush-Outs, Nail Trims, Anal Glands, etc....................

We are available to bath your cat or dog, brush out, trim nails, express anal glands and clean ears as needed. We can usually get you in right away but we do recommend calling ahead for an appointment. 


We are glad to offer cat, dog, bird and exotic/pocket pet boarding as a service to our clients. We can also provide medical boarding as needed. 


We are happy to bring Kayla's Professional Grooming to our family.

We bring state of the art equipment to ensure top quality grooming. She is up to date on all AKC standard grooms and very proud to say she is up to date on the "New" grooms which include hair dyeing, hair bling, feather extensions and a lot more. She usually can get you in right away but we do recommend you call ahead to get a quote and the time you desire.(Starting as low as $25)                              * vaccinations must be up to date: DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella  

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